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Have you been affected by errors by doctors, dentists, surgeons, consultants, GP’s? This could be malpractice, improper treatment or omission of care. Whether you, a member of your family or someone you care about has suffered at the hands of any health care professional, you could be entitled to compensation. If you are thinking about making a claim then you may well be interested in the following.

Everyone is interested in time and speed today find out from your local solicitor how long it will take.


There is much confusion over money/Cost. Simply win or lose you do not have to put you should not have to put your hand in your pocket ask about a no win no fee situation from a solicitor in your city.

Success Rate

Ask the Personal injury solicitor* how successful they are.


You need not not only success but how to get every last Euro out of your case!
For personal injury claims you need a No win no fee solicitors who are expert Medical negligence solicitors and personal injury solicitors all rolled into one.

Ask the question is there a claim?

Can I Claim? After the shock of an accident you are often at a loss to know what to do next
Claims Process

Process We often put on pedestal people from the health and medical sector, such as doctors, chemists, dentists, consultants etc. The simple fact is that they are human and make mistakes like everybody. The knowledge that the injury or loss might have been avoidable had proper care been taken can be hard to take.

No win No fee

No Win No Fee Our health Service is often subject to claims for compensation after patients have suffered injury or illness or loss through the negligence of healthcare professionals even though our Health Service is well respected internationally.
Time Limit

Time Limits Not many people know but you have in Ireland two years in most cases from the date of the accident, malpractice or negligence to file a claim. Personal injury solicitors – no win, no fee compensation claims.
Often personal injury solicitors take accident and personal injury cases on a no win, no fee basis.
For free and expert advice on making a personal injury claim call a solicitor in your town or city. They are available to take your call.

These are the areas of personal injury claims that they may specialise in
Medical Negligence
Serious Personal Injury*
Slips, Trips & Fall Accident Claim
Abuse Claims
Accident Claims
Accidents at Work
Amputation Compensation Claims
Burns Compensation Claims
Uninsured Drivers/Hit & Run
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Claims Against the Police
Claims for Pedestrians
Criminal Injury Compensation Claims
Cycling Accidents
Fatal Accident Claims & Inquests
Head Injury Claims
Holiday Accidents
Holiday Illnesses
Workplace Illnesses
Military Accidents
Motorcycle Claims / Motorbike Claims
Road Traffic Accident Compensation
Spinal Injuries

The Personal Injury solicitor has a very experienced legal staff and specialist accident and personal injury solicitors that successfully win hundreds of compensation claim cases every year.

Even if you think that you may have been even partially to blame for an accident, call for a personal injury solicitor and get for a free consultation even if it is only to put your mind at rest?

Medical Negligence solicitors and their teams handle compensation cases for all kinds of accident claims from accidents at work and holiday hotel food poisoning claims to many types of road traffic accidents including car crashes, motorcycle collisions, accidents on the motorway and injuries to pedestrians.

Every year, in the last decade the profession have recovered large sums in compensation on behalf of injured clients. Their personal injury settlements can range from thousands of Euros to over €1m – whatever your claim and situation they have the expertise to help you. No accident claim is too difficult and complicated for an expert personal injury solicitor choose one you feel happy with.

Disclaimer: *In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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